“Les nouveaux métiers du web”, a new event from ESEN Junior Enterprise

“Les nouveaux métiers du web”, a new event from ESEN Junior Enterprise

In a world where technology is nowadays taking over everything we know, making most of traditional jobs that we need in our everyday lives expected to disappear in 10 to 20 years, it gets quite confusing with the fast rising with all of the new jobs, especially to us, technology and entrepreneurship students, none the less interesting, integrating, and a must-know-all-about-it subject.

Therefore, after the success of its first edition of “Digital Economy: What opportunities for Growth?”, Junior Enterprise ESEN is organizing the second edition “Les nouveaux métiers du web”, which will be held in the same place, the infamous Tunis city of sciences , on the 3rd of March. You’ll get the chance to hear and get informed about the uprising new jobs of the web (as our event’s name clearly makes it expected), such as e-commerce, Community Management, and so much more that will help make you comprehend the uprising world of these new fields.

And what way is better for you to learn all of this other than from the best experts of these fields? Highly accomplished and competent speakers will be present to share their knowledge and their expertise, such as as Hbib Dabebi the secretary of state in digital economy and Lotfi Saidi the ceo of 21st century services & 4D Leadership House, Elyess Jribi the ceo of JUMIA Tunisia, and last but certainly not least, Yosra ben lassoued the community manager of Naxos advertising; which makes you benifit most definitely guaranteed.

So keep an eye on our facebook page, instagram and linkedin for more information, for you certainly don’t want to miss this event.

We’ll be waiting for you, so don’t think twice about joining us, and bring all of your questions and thoughts along with you!

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